State of Ohio Textbook Funds

Reminder...Non-Public school personnel using Auxiliary Services funds. THE STATE OF OHIO deadline for submitting 2017 requisitions is June 30, 2017.

The Deadline set by your LOCAL school district is probably much earlier.

June 30 2017 is the end of the current  biennium, any funds not encumbered by June 30 will be lost.

Guardian Book Company is a STATE of OHIO approved textbook vendor  and Ohio registered State Term Schedule vendor.

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Discovering Ancient America Archaeological Discoveries of Ancient America

The key to understanding the history of America lies in many of the artifacts that have been discovered over the course of the past several hundred years. This unique history, as told through interviews, the writing of scholars, and the examination of physical artifacts, delves into archaeological finds of ancient America, and tells a story of America's evolution and the people who have helped shape it. This comprehensive text includes timelines and photographs that make for an interesting and thorough read for the beginner or long-time American history enthusiast.



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