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Abigail Adams; The New Nation 1791-1820
by Vivian Bernstein
ISBN# 978-1404533462

Abigail Adams shared great ideas with her husband John in the thousands of letters she wrote to him. She influenced John Adams to work for American independence from Great Britain and to write fair laws for women. She also witnessed the gathering storm of the American Revolution and helped the soldiers in the Battle of Bunker Hill. By sharing her ideas with a man who would one day be president, she helped create the new American nation.


Jane Addams; The Rise of Industry 1870-1900
by Bea Silverberg
ISBN# 978-1404533608

Jane Addams was a women of action. When she believed that something was not fair, she tried to correct it. She helped to improve the lives of immigrants in Chicago's slums during the late nineteenth century. This book looks at her work to end child labor, win women the right to vote, create an America that protected all citizens, establish a peaceful world, and more.


Muhammad Ali; Contemporary United States 1968-Present
by Mary Grace Becker
ISBN# 978-1404533059

Boxer, humanitarian, and civil rights leader, Muhammad Ali is a man of great heart as well as fists. A three-time Heavyweight Boxing Champion of the world, he is known as "The People's Champion" in his battle to end discrimination and racism. Because of his incredible courage and the sacrifices he made, Muhammad Ali is truly an Amazing American. 

Neil Armstrong; Contemporary United States 1968-Present
by Daniel E. Harmon
ISBN# 978-1404533035

In 1969- less than ten years after the first humans left Earth's atmosphere and entered space, Neil Armstrong became the first person to walk on the moon. His accomplishments and those of other astronauts were accompanied by great dangers and tragedies. The astronauts achieved what many believed was impossible. Armstrong's story is on of modern history's most fascinating adventures.


Andrew Carnegie; The Rise of Industry 1870-1900
by Patricia J. Murphy
ISBN# 978-1404533561

When he was only 13 years old, Andrew Carnegie immigrated to America from Scotland. His father was out of work. His family was in need of money-and fast! Without it, they would not survive. Soon after the family's move to America, Andrew took a job in a textile mill to help support his family. Little did Andrew know that this job would be his first step on the ladder to success. Learn how Andrew Carnegie rose from the textile mills of Pennsylvania to become the first "man of steel" and one of the wealthiest and most generous men in the world.


Dwight D. Eisenhower; The Great Depression and World War II 1929-1945
by Bruce and Becky Durost Fish
ISBN# 978-1404532991

As a general, Dwight D. Eisenhower helped America win a war. As a president, he worked to keep his country out of war. Yet this powerful man started life in a family so poor that his crib was a dresser drawer. Learn how Eisenhower became a man who changed history and was one of the most admired presidents America has ever had.


Alexander Hamilton; The New Nation 1791-1820
by Susan Martins Miller
ISBN# 978-1404533509

When Alexander Hamilton first stepped off the boat to the shores of New York City, his life took an unexpected turn. He planned to become a student. Instead, he soon became a soldier. Alexander first served the United States at the side of General George Washington. After the United States won their freedom from England, Alexander faced the overwhelming task of solving the country's financial problems. Learn how Alexander Hamilton pointed the young nation in a new direction.


I.M. Pei; Contemporary United States 1968-Present
by Bruce and Becky Durost Fish
ISBN# 978-1404533066

I.M. Pei is famous for designing some of the most important buildings in major cities around the world. In spite of this, his road to success has been long and hard. His mother died when he was 13 years old. For almost 40 years, he could not return to his homeland of China. Some of his most important designs even stirred up heated controversies. Discover how this Amazing American overcame difficult challenges to become the famous architect he is today.


Andrew Jackson; Western Expansion and Reform 1801-1861
by William Harryman
ISBN# 978-1404533516

Andrew Jackson witnessed America's birth as a nation. As a general, he led America to its first major military victory, defeating the British at the Battle of New Orleans in 1815. He used his military fame to run for president in 1824, losing to John Quincy Adams in a close contest. In 1828, he was elected the seventh president of the United States. Jackson's influence was central to America's development, even though the didn't always embody America's highest ideals. Historians refer to the period of Jackson's life as the Age of Jackson, reflecting his role as an Amazing American.


Duke Kahanamoku; The Emergence of Modern America 1890-1930
by Daniel E. Harmon
ISBN# 978-1404533653

In 1912, Hawaiian swimmers won international attention as Olympic swimmers. The aquatic star of the United States team was 22-year-old Duke Kahanamoku. He was tall, tan and shy, powerful but not overpowering, handsome but humble. His swimming world records and his surfing demonstrations mark his place in sports history-but he is particularly remembered for his later years of service as Hawaii's "ambassador of goodwill" Duke's reserved manner and friendly smile came to personify the meaning of aloha.


Sandra Day O'Connor; Contemporary United States 1968-Present
by Veda Boyd Jones
ISBN# 978-1404533042

Sandra Day O'Connor grew up on an isolated ranch in the Southwest. By the time she was eight, she could drive a pickup and shoot a rifle. Ranch life taught her to study a problem on her own and figure out how to fix it. That determination is still a strong part of her today. Throughout her lifetime, O'Connor grew from a young child who loved horses to America's first female Supreme Court Judge.


Franklin Delano Roosevelt; The Great Depression and World War II 1929-1945
by Bonnie J. Hinman
ISBN# 978-1404532984

Franklin Delano Roosevelt overcame polio to become America's 32nd president and to be elected for an unheard-of four terms. With great spirit and tireless effort, he led the nation through the Great Depression and much of World War II. By helping to create the United Nations, FDR hoped to leave a legacy of peace and prosperity for people all over the world.


Sacagawea; Western Expansion and Reform 1801-1861
by Veda Boyd Jones
ISBN# 978-1404533554

Sacagawea was merely a teenager when she served as a translator for the Corps of Discovery. She carried her baby across half a continent with the Lewis and Clark Expedition. She was the only female member with the explorers, and she endured hunger, cold, biting mosquitoes, flash floods, and illness, but she never complained. This is the story of her incredible journey.


Chief Seattle; Western Expansion and Reform 1801-1861
by Kira Freed
ISBN# 978-1404533547

Chief Seattle was an important leader among Native groups in the Pacific Northwest for much of the 1800's. During that time, the United States government was expanding its boundaries across North America, intent on taking land from tribes and forcing them onto reservations. Chief Seattle gave a now-famous speech in 1854 during treaty negotiations with the governor of Washington Territory. In the speech, he expressed a wish that his people and the settlers might live together peacefully and with mutual respect. This book looks at Chief Seattle's challenges as a leader, the reasons why his speech is often misquoted, and the unsolvable mystery of his story.


Levi Strauss; Western Expansion and Reform 1801-1861
by Vivian Bernstein
ISBN# 978-1404533523

Eighteen-year-old Levi Strauss struggled to earn a living selling dry goods in New York City. After gold was discovered in California, Levi Strauss decided to earn his living with a wholesale business that supplied stores with goods for gold miners. He quickly learned that what miners needed most were strong work pants. Levi Strauss learned to make the strong pants that miners wanted. His pants helped him become wealthy and he used his money to help thousands  of needy people.


Eli Whitney; The New Nation 1791-1820
by Mary Grace Becker
ISBN# 978-1404533479

Born with a keen mechanical ingenuity, Eli Whitney took only eight days to create his cotton engine or "gin". Almost overnight this simple yet ingenious device that separated cotton fiber from its seed made cotton big business in the South. American inventor and pioneer of the American system mass production, Eli Whitney is an Amazing American.


Woodrow Wilson; The Emergence of Modern America 1890-1930
by Kira Freed
ISBN# 978-1404533622

Woodrow Wilson was the 28th president of the United States. He was a champion of working people and a strong advocate for peace. During his second term as president, he made a difficult decision to involve the United States in World War I. He worked Hard to form a global peacekeeping organization so that future wars could be avoided. This book looks at Woodrow Wilson's life as student, professor, governor of New Jersey, and President during one of the most challenging periods of the twentieth century.
























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