Eyewitness Books: Invention

The Eyewitness series is a collectable visual encyclopedia of childrens' reference books. Illustrations throughout - including photography - bring each object vividly to life to provide an eyewitness view of the natural world. Coverage of each subject provides a collection of knowledge and offers an exciting, fresh approach to the wonders and workings of the world around us. This book provides an informative look at the world's most outstanding inventions. Highlights inventions from the simplest flint tools to today's sophisticated electronic devices. Concentrates on the most important inventions - the ones that have influenced contemporary life.
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Description See a windmill sliced in two. The first food mixer. What Galileo's telescope looked like. The earliest photographs. Learn how the Romans lit their homes. how the first records were made. How people told the time before clocks. How operations were performed in the 19th century. Discover how plastics are produced. What makes a clock tick. How the first airplane flew. When the first color photograph was taken. Why a battery produces and electric current.
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