Trophie Readers Grade 1

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A Corn Husk Doll
by Naomi Miller


Andy's New House
by Sandra Widener
ISBN# 978-0153230271


Ants Are Busy
by  Margaret Gallo
ISBN# 978-0153229985


Cindy's Cellar
by Sydnie M. Kleinhenz
ISBN# 978-0153229954


Counting My Friends
by Julian Ramirez
ISBN# 978-0153275869


Dr. Brown at Work
by Meish Goldish
ISBN# 978-0153229961


Family Life: Then and Now
by Belén Garrido
ISBN# 978-0153230288


Girl Detectives
by Judith Brand


Invent an Insect
by Judith Brand
9ISBN# 978-0153230196


Keep Well Day

by Meish Goldish

ISBN#  978-0153230301


Kyle's Attic
by Debbie Shapiro
ISBN# 978-0153229978


Looking for Clues
by Judith Brand
ISBN# 978-0153230363


On a Raft
by Kate Chase
ISBN# 978-0153229763


Ready, Set, Sleep
by Susan Blackaby
ISBN# 978-0153230059


Robots Rush
by Sydnie M. Kleinhenz


Side by Side

by Belén Garrido

ISBN# 978-0153229947


Sing for the King
by Shirley Frederick
ISBN#  978-0153230165


Slim Grows Up
by Shirley Frederick
ISBN# 978-0153229824

Stefan Is a Sculptor Christine Losq 9780153230219 J

Talent Night Linda Ross 9780153229886 G-H

Tales of Mr. Map Rozanne L. Williams 9780153230264 K

The Caterpillar Judith Brand 9780153229855 F-G

The Edge of the Puddle Holly Melton 9780153230035 J-K

The Little Fiddle Rosa Lee Honen 9780153229893 H

The Picnic in the Park Meish Goldish 9780153230226 J

The World of Water Holly Melton 9780153230370 M

Trish Had a Wish Jane Manners 9780153229848 F

Two Little Ants Joung Un Kim 9780153230097 D

Where Do I Live? Carlos Montero 9780153275814

Will Ants Come? Arlene Block 9780153229756 C

Working Hard Rosa Cabrillo 9780153229879 G

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