Great Rivers of the World

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The Amazon River
by Edward Parker
ISBN# 978-0836854497

The Amazon is the world's largest river, with more water flowing in it than Earth's next eight largest rivers put together. From its source high in the Andes Mountains of Peru to its mouth on the Atlantic coast of Brazil, the Amazon flows through the continent of South America, traveling for most of its journey through dense, tropical rain forest. The Amazon flows through the homes of an amazing variety of animals and plants. Native Amerindians have lived on the banks of the Amazon for over 5,000 years. Its lands were settled by Europeans in the 1500s and became the center of rubber boom in the 1800s. Today, the Amazon rain forest faces serious problems of deforestation, and its people and its wildlife are in danger.


The Ganges River
by David Cumming
ISBN# 978-0836854503

A look at the River Ganges which discusses its physical aspects, its importance to the agriculture of India and Bangladesh, its religious and cultural significance, and long term problems. Illustrated with color photographs, maps and diagrams a new title in the WORLD'S RIVERS series.


The Mississippi River
by Kieran Walsh
ISBN# 978-0836854510

The Mississippi is the most famous river in the United States. From its source in the heart of the North American Continent, the Mississippi River flows through a rich mosaic of people, places, and cultures. Millions of people live along the banks of the Mississippi. Great cities have grown up alongside the river - from the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul to St. Louis, Memphis, and New Orleans. Today, the Mississippi is as likely to make the headlines because of floods along its banks or pollution in its water as it is for its cities and industries.



The Nile River
by David Cumming
ISBN# 978-0836854527

An exploration of the Nile from its source in Uganda to the Mediterranean, describing its importance to the people of the area, and the history of the river, as well as the plants, wildlife and sights along the way. A further title from the RIVER JOURNEYS series, illustrated in color.


The Rhine River
by Tony Allan
ISBN# 978-0836854534

The Rhine is Europe's best-known river. Running through the heart of Europe, it touches six countries as it flows from Switzerland to its mouth in the Netherlands. From Roman times onward, the Rhine was used for trade, and the cities along its banks became rich and powerful. Today, the river is still full of traffic, providing a lifeline for modern industries. Until the 1980s, the Rhine River suffered from flooding and pollution, but these problems have been largely overcome. Today, the Rhine annually attracts thousands of tourists who vacation on the river and visit its ancient cities and romantic castles.



The Yangtze River
by Julia Waterlow
ISBN# 978-0836854541

The mighty Yangtze River flows through the heart of China, form its source on the high Tibetan Plateau to its mouth in the East China Sea. For over 2,000 years, the Yangtze has been China's most important transportation route. Twice in China's history, a city on the river has become the country's capital, and the Yangtze has played an important part in the growth of trade and industry. The Yangtze is home to some very rare wildlife- Chinese dolphins swim in the waters, and giant pandas and snow leopards live beside its banks.
















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