Tatoo's and Body Art

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Culture In Action, Preening, Painting, and Piercing Body Art
by John Bliss
ISBN# 978-1410939241

The title discusses various forms of body art.


Getting Inked What to Expect When You Get a Tattoo
by Larry Gerber
ISBN# 978-1448846160

Tattoos have served many purposes, from displaying tribal art to identifying military, gang, and biker associations. Today, they seem nearly ubiquitous and part of socially-acceptable, mainstream body modification. Any young person considering a tattoo needs to read this book to examine and evaluate his or her reasons for wanting one and to ensure that, if he or she decides to get a tattoo, its done in the proper way, with safety, health, and future needs all given top priority. This book poses the hard questions that must be answered when deciding whether or not to get a tattoo, where that tattoo should go, and what it should be. The book reveals exactly what should be expected from the tattooing process and how to go about it in the safest smartest wayfrom considering how the tattoo will be viewed in future.


Tattoo Art Around the World
by Diane Bailey
ISBN# 978-1448846184

Tattoos have gone from a symbol of shame and isolation to a widely accepted art form all over the world. The book looks at tattoo techniques and styles, from honored religious and cultural traditions of the East to the pop-culture inspired body art of the West. Colorful images provide and interesting glimpse at unique and traditional tattoo styles as they evolve through history into what they are today.





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